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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and 60s at coast up and more 70's around the bay and upper 80s, and it feels like normal this time of the career. now, the commute. alexis? >> we are okay. we started with a sig-alert in hayward that has cleared. mostly we have green on the traffic, but, it is 205 to westbound 280 leaving tracy headed through the altamont pass we are crawling. we have yellow and red. using our speed indication it is 33 miles per hour average,ot terrible but it is filling in and low down at 5:00 a.m. on top of that, we had a crash on the showers and thunderstorms, southbound 680 in walnut creek, just before you good it to 24, and everyone is pushed off to the shoulder, and pretty minor insurance accident but they are waiting for the tow truck just a little bit of on looking delay passing the collision. one other blocking issue? san jose, happening 10 minutes ago and an update in a you few minutes. >> breaking news in san
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francisco, police are investigating a smash-and-grab at fisherman's wharf, and it happened at 2:50 at zig tall electronics store at jefferson, a security guard said he saw a van with a suspect leaving the store, and not clear exactly how much merchandise was stolen. this is just one of more than half a dozen electronic star break-ins, in the city, and on the peninsula in the last few months. >> we have break news from sacramento county, a man is dead of a police say he pointed a weapon at officers. the shooting happened i citrus heights at 10:30 after police got reports after man with a gun. the investigator say at least one officer fired his weapon at the suspect. that suspect died at the scene. no police officers are injured. officers found suspicious canisters and the sacramento bomb squad checked the canisters and determined they were safe. >> testify day ahead for delta passengers, several hundred flights have been canceled and
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more delays after the computer system failure yesterday. abe reporter is at sfo. matt? good morning, natasha, delta just updated us and told us 250 flights are canceled today across the nation. as you check the flight board here, at sfo, you can see that things are good and everything is showing on time. only one flight here is delayed, with no flights canceled. check out the line for delta, i spoke with people. they are taking noen whats after the mess yesterday. we will show you the line. at the love them are showing up early. delta released new numbers a thousand flights were cancel on monday and 2,400 were delayed. >> i tried to call delta and they said it was a three hour hold. >> where is the backup system for delta? i fine it hard to believe one outage in one spot, in atlanta, can shut down the entire
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worldwide network. >> oakland and san jose are showing no cancellations this morning, and met of the canceled flights are coming in and out of the atlanta, and often if you might be it to listen that, double check to make sure the connection is still a go for what it is worth delta said they are story but expect additional delays and cancellations. they will give $200 travel vouchers to people who had a cancel flight or a three hour delay. frustrating day again. a former san mateo resident killed while playing pokemon go is remembered at two services this week. police are still looking fore the gunman who shot and killed 20 year old calvin riley on saturday. this happened at 5 at aquatic pn san francisco. a friend witnessed the shooting. riley graduated from serra high school in san mateo last year. he was a star athlete. >> it is hard to wrap your brain around. people are struggling to make sense of it.
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>> services are on thursday, with a viewing and vigil at st. gregory's church. a funeral mass is 11:00 on friday and open to the public. >> a man accused of killing his buy posted bail after being held on $1 million bond. deputies arrested 69-year-old husband after finding his wife dead on sunday at their home. sky 7 was over the gated community near danville shortly after the body was find. investigators say she died of minute force to the hold. more husband was a former professional baseball player playing with the twins minor league in the 60s. she filled for legal vacation last year -- legal separation last year. a woman has a huge clean up when an airbnb renter used her home to shoot porn. we break the story yesterday. the home owner believes she was a sex worker and left the water running in the bathtub.
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the water was pouring from the top floor of her house to the ground floor and she posted this video showing the mess left over and said that $10,000 worth of damage. the woman renting the room said show was a real estate agent, but it did not add up. >> the polices fell into place, she was more than likely using my bat almost as a business to take photos of herself. >> why did she reap it running? a statement airbnb said that they have zero tolerance for this behavior, and removed the guest from its platform. airbnb new is working to confident costs of the damage. >> marijuana laced candy was to blame for sending 19 people to the hospital after a weekend party in san francisco. the victims included a six-year-old child and though were all sick attending the party on saturday night. the doctors believe they all ate dummy candies like these,
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victims complains of of rapid heartbeat and con foundation. >> the way in which edibles affect the body is different than when you smoke marijuana. the onset is slower and duration longer. >> we want to make sure that this wasn't an intentional act. >> the party host hired a caterer from the east bay and an inspection turned up no signs at facility. >> look at your screen, do you know this woman, suspected of robbing nine banks across the bay area? formal charges were filed against 27-year-old mary moffa after a robbery at a credit union in palo alto. the sheriff deputies arrested the woman at her home in east palo alto last week. >> a member of walnut creek less force is on the job after being stabbed in the line of duty. this is a police dog, stabbed several times while helping capture a man wanted for
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hit-and-run a few weeks ago. west coast police say they appreciate the short the police have given shanna and her partner, the officer. >> and google is putting cable in silicon valley is on hold because it is too expensive, it was to launch in san jose in a few months. the company acquireed a company that will adapt wireless technology which provides super fast internet service at lower cost without dicking up the city streets. google will focus on aerial installation of the google fiber. >> a new urgent care facility opening inin castro district is the first from dignity health and go health urgent care promising to provide a new model of high quality patient-focused urgent care open seven days a way. >> golfers are saying a popular course that is being
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closed on thursday. spending $600,000 a year to water the course is too tough especially with rising prices and drought. now the faithful are coming back for a last round. >> all the people coming here and friendships over 15 years, it is sad. >> eight has been over for 16 years, and 30 employ ease will be losing their jobs. >> giants manager is expected to be back with the team after spending night in the hospital. the team said that he is resting comfortably in florida this morning. the giants are plague the marlins, and they would not give specifics on what is wrong only saying he is feeling "il." he had two stents inserted in his matter last year. awithout bocci crawford was the first major league player in 41 years to get seven hits in a game. he is the only giant ever to do
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it. the 7th was the game winning in the 14th give the giants 8-7 win. bocci picked a heck of a day to take off. we wish him well. >> it takes extremes like that to catch a win but they did. congratulations. >> good morning, everyone, here is a look at san rafael, looking south on 101, and check out the temperatures in the north bay, where we are 52 in san francisco, and rohnert park is 48, and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 50s and american canyon and napa at 57, and same in newark and fairfield and san ramon at 55, and redwood city is 58, and same in san jose, and a look at for this morning, the cloud cover starting to rome in, probable going to be delays. i will let you know when i hear. we are going to have choppy waves this afternoon, thing about doing sailing, especially
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in san pablo bay and the delta, on the boat, jogging is good, warm inland and bicycling, cool, to hot this afternoon. still, cool at coast. the next three days you can see the temperatures are remaining steady on tuesday, and wednesday, and thursday, and cameing these dog days of summer because nothing is happening. we just some are like but i do have tweaks in the seven-day forecast. ace train one is delayed 37 minutes because of an early technical issue. the next sorority in 10 minutes. our traffic maps in san jose se one blocking issue right now, northbound 680, just beyond the 101 interchange, and a vehicle lost control a small sedan and it spin out facing the wrong way, in the right lane, the slow late, waiting for pg&e crews.
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and another minor issue for marin county, southbound 101, just before you get to mill valley, we have another disabled vehicle and it is mocking the right lane, and it sounds like they have c.h.p. dispatched and they will try and have that pushed off to a bus stop in the area and off the main roadway. hopefully that is all clear in a few minutes and we will check on that, as well, and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights and all lanes, fast track, cash and car pool are move along just fine. >> an update on the lingering issues coming up in ten minutes. >> a stunning accident at a county fair in tennessee, what happened that superintendent three girls free falling from 40' in the air. 40' in the air. >> do you
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, by bay. >> a scary accident involving children at a fun park. three are recovering after falling off a ferris wheel in tennessee. jessica has the new developments. >> the three young girls fell 30-45', two were air lifted and one was taken by ambulance to hops after falling off the for list wheel at a fair in the greenville area. >> i have three kids that fell from the ferris wheel the three kids. >> emergency crews at the fairgrounds yesterday evening and this morning investigators are saying that the kids cabins
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with caught under it and causing it to flip and turned 90 degrees and was hanging horizontally. >> i feel bad for the little kid s, they just hit the ground and laying there. >> they had to are a rescue for the others because the ride was stopped and other rides kept operating last night but, today, all of the rides have been closed and this morning, there are several agencies involving in the investigation. at least one girl is still hospitalized. the 10 year old who died at the water pack suffered a income injuries on the world's tallest water slide found at the bomb of the slide in a pool. the investigation of what happened is still ongoing, and the speeds can reach 50 miles per hour.
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a co-owner said the slide is dangerous but safety, and should be ridden by people who are next extreme adventure. >> for the second time in less than a weekend pose are investigating the death of a female jogger. this is "first look." >> this morning, residents in princeton, massachusetts, trend on edge as police search for a killer. >> the young woman appears to an murder victim. 27-year-old went for a jog on saturday at 1:00 p.m. and never came back. she lived in new york city, where she worked for google as an account manager, her social media page showcase her life including photos with her mother who she was visiting in massachusetts. >> we do not know in it was random. we and the public to be careful and to be vigilant. >> police sources say that investigators are looking into signs of science you'll assault. this is the second high profile case in less than a weak involving a young woman murdered
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jogging in broad daylight. and come up at 7:00 a.m. be we will tell you how to protect yourself on the jogging trail. gawker media could be trying to reach a settlement with hulk hogan in talks with the great over the $140 million judgment he won this year. hogan sued gawker for invasion of privacy after push accomplishing a portion of a sex tape featuring hip. the company filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy and assets at auction next week. >> so far so good in the summer olympics, as we show you, the united states still has a lost gold on its mind. >> michael phelps was back in the water for the butterfly but the greatest competitive swimmer in olympic history was off his game in the semi finals coming in at 2nd to hungary and will face off tonight in the final.
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and the newest swimming superstar had a rare off night finishing second in the freestyle to swede sweden but is considered a shoe in more more gold. bring an murphy grabbed the best in the back strong final and in the 100 meter breast stoke got gold, connor setted for bronze in the freestyle final. david and johnson captured the silver metal in diving and serena and her sister venus lost their first doubles match ever at the olympic. the grand slam and olympic champion advancing to the third round in singles. in men's gymnastic it was only 5th place japan when gold. the united states men's basketball had no trouble with venezuela and the americans rocked 113-69.
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>> in beach role bailey, jennings and april process took on cheese and the american run. >> this video is real so prepare to be impressed and do not try this at home. sprinter stewart tweeted this going viral say she is running at just over 20 miles per hour and you look at the background everyone else is moving at normal speed. so unless she had some crazy app we are not aware of it appears to be real attending the university of louisiana at lafayette in the fall. at this rate, the olympics should be next, right? >> whoa...we need her on the team. >> incredible. >> it mays me tired to much wait. >> i need a nap. mike? anything do impress us with? >> not like that. maybe alexis can.
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>>ing, everyone, the golden gate bridge 14 miles per hour cross wind up to 22 on angel island if you take a ferry, it is 30 to 35 degrees and sunshine this afternoon, and sunshine along the cost like we have had the last couple of days, and seasonal lows and clouds come back at night with a warming trend on friday and saturday but uncomfortable in a few areas. you can go to the coast to cool off, the next six hours on live doppler hd, show absolutely no measurable rain. this afternoon, san jose, light breed and 81 and los gatos is a warp spot at 84, and heading up the peninsula, a lost mid-to-upper 70s and sunny before noon, and 62 in pacifica, and downtown san francisco, average high is 69, and 69 degrees, with afternoon sunshine. as you go through the north bay, breezy afternoon, not necessarily around santa rosa,
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880 but closer including san rafael and 81 and sausalito, at 70 this is where the breezes are fastest and a last mid-to-upper 70s, richmond is cool at 71, and strong sunshine and 74 in oakland, and hot inland in a few spots, upper 80s to low 90s. my seven-day forecast shows after dipping into the 50s tonight, we are rebounding to a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow. thursday is like today and friday and saturday and sunday warmer temperatures, with 80s an the bay and still 60s at the coast. alexis? >> you saw the guy tripping on the jump road? that is how i look, we have a mass transit note, ace train, train one, at 37 minutes leaving stockton, and we are using the word "earlier," mechanical issues so we hope senate does not impact other trains. right now, that is between 35 and 37 minutes late. getting interest tracy.
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we will weapon a close eye on that. southbound 680 we had early (, in the walnut creek area, before you get to 24 a crash involving a big-rig on the shoulder and now it is cleared from the board. it looks like that is no longer even onlooker delay. and good news on the north end coming in from marin county, southbound 101 north of mill valley we had a disabled vehicle in the right lane and they got it pushed over to the bus stop in the area so that i no longer blocking. we had an update in san jose and i will have that in a few minutes. >> more than $900 million droid phones and tablets could be vulnerable to security flaw allowing attackers to take control of your phone. malware could exploit the microsoft software and hacker could see your t or control your camera and microphone. no indication that any devices have been compromises but droid
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user should down hold programs only from google play and contact the manufacturers to demand a fix. >> you will soon have to way for watch shows and movie on hulu eliminating 9 free lad supported streaming service and offer only subscriptions. the company has been adding more original content and sanding the tv library but if you are not a occur. subscribe are you are offered a trial and you are cut off. seven things you need know use start director day. >> is justice being compromised in san francisco? the city public defender office said a witness saw something on a sheet of paper that is circulating in court causing a problem. problem. >> twitter is searching for a
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and no colors from artificial sources. we think clean food tastes better, feels better, does better. 100% of our food will be clean year's end. every bite will be food as it should be. ♪ good is a catalyst,ue diamond almond. good is contagious. and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. get your good going. blue diamond almonds. proud sponsor of the us swim team >> before you go here is what
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you need to know. in san francisco, from was a smash and grab at electronics store at fisherman's wharf but it is unclear how much merchandise was stolen. security guard said high saw the suspect drive away in a epa. >> all lanes of 880 northbound in hayward of open after a deadly crash. a box drunk and a big-rig were involved, and a driver died. >> three, there is good news and bad news for delta: at sfo, almost all of the flights are on tomorrow. despite delta canceling 250 flights around the nation. that is the bad news. they are recovering from the commuter yesterday issue yesterday. all the union hopes to have a place for constitutes to fell safe on campus when they open in september. >> five, if you drive consistently check out temperatures compared to year, all a degree from each other. we have warmer wet coming up in
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the seven-day forecast. >> we do have mass transit issue this morning, ace train one is 37 minutes late from stockton. it is just now arriving in tracy and that is with a decent delay, train three, still, on time and update in a few. >> what does it mean? the san francisco homemade famous by the tv show "full house," sold for below asking price. someone bought the house for $4 million and $150,000 less than original asking price. >> nasa is predicting a spectacular meteor shower this week. it is the best of the year but this year there will be double the number of meteors. the best time to watch is thursday and friday after 10:00 p.m. they will appear to rid eight from the northern sky. usually can you see up to 200
5:28 am
meteors. an hour. this happens when earth passes through the heart of a comet >> coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including how director personal information may have been exposed during a trip to your favorite restaurant. >> are you frustrated by muni only lanes in the district? only lanes in the district? changes could be
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♪ only lanes in the district? changes could be ♪ ♪
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>> good morning, at 5:30, i am regular. >> it tuesday, august 9 we are closer to the weekend. already visualizing that. now, meteorologist mike nicco has weather and traffic. >> today is almost like yesterday. now, live doppler hd is showing you it is bone dry. no measurable rain. here is a look from mount tamalpais you can see a thin
5:31 am
layer of clouds. they not lasting. at noon, sunshine, and 77 inland, so have the sunscreen this afternoon. close to average the 61 at coast and 88 inland. you could need a jacket heading out this evening, at 58 and 78, but we will drop into the 50s and 60s when the sun is secretary at 8:00. we have warmer weather in the seven-day forecast. how is the traffic? >> looking at a lot green on the maps, in the south bay which is always welcome. so, after 5:30 this morning, no major delays through the san jose area. we did have one early blocking issue, northbound 680 beyond the 101 interchange, a vehicle spun out, lost control and facing the wrong way in the slow lane but now it is cleared from the board the it is no longer a blocking issue and no backups. we heard we had debris on westbound 80 before you get to the bay bridge toll plaza but i have not seen it on the camera and we do not have the metering
5:32 am
lights. we have mass transit update in a few. >> breaking news in san francisco, police are investigating a smash-and-grab at a business in the heart of fisherman's wharf. tiffany wilson is at leavenworth and jefferson. what are you seeing? >> this is a very brazen break-in at the digital camera store. at 2:50 a source who saw the surveillance video said a van drove up, right on the sidewalk, and wedged a badderring ram between the ram define this and the door, and putting i car interest gear, hit the modal and slammed the van through the door. it is now on the ground. if you take a look at video can you see the battering ram still is on the floor of the store. that video goes on to show two of the suspects walking and the store with empty manages and they come out several minutes later with those bags full, take
5:33 am
off in the epa before police arrive. the security guard is here on the scene. he doesn't know how much merchandise was stolen and we are waiting in the property managers to get here so they can let us know h is a year and a half after a rash of similar electronic store break-ins, in san francisco and across the peninsula, six different stores, one for up to $100,000. this morning, can you imagine a lot of small electronic store owners are hoping this break-in does not trigger another rash of similar break-ins. >> seems well planned. the red lanes zipping natured for muni buses could see changes. red because only lane along a stretch of mission between 14th to 30th have caused headaches for drivers and businesses and the two forced right turns will be reversed,
5:34 am
one at 26th and one at 122th , merchants say business has dropped and officials will take up the situation on tuesday. >> if you are inning tell tax another tough day of travel with hundreds of flights canceled. 250 of them, and 200 more are delayed. this follows a pow worry outage that canceled or delays 3,000 flights yesterday. the airline said that the outage impacted the operation center in atlanta. >> i tried to call delta. they said i would have a three hour hold. where is the backup system fore delta? i find it hard to believe one outage, in one stop, can shut down the entire worldwide network. delta passengers were affected at all three local airports. you are not built what add change fee if you rebook this week. a massive computer hack could involve where you shop or eat
5:35 am
after sparkle fell victim to an international cybercrime. a russian organized cyber group hacked oracle targeting the microdivision and breached 330 ,000 cash registers inside hotels and restaurants around the world. in a letter to customers, oracle said code was find in the software, but they are saying their credit cart data is encrypted. the real sign is what you hear when you ask the average person. >> usually once a year i get my number stolen and i accept it as a fact of life. >> she is not surprised. experts advise people to keep an eye on accounts and report any fraud when you see it. >> the san francisco public gdper said some are not getting a fair shot in court after a when list was circulated that called defendants bad guys. the private the screen is where you will see it, the public
5:36 am
defend are said a witness saw this sight of paper circulating in court and you can see the far right for the witness sign in sheet receipts "bad guys," but should say defendants. >> it is very pop the system be perceived as fair and if you pass around a witness list referring to defendants or accused in crime california cases "bad guys," it wrong message. the public defend are said that the presumption of innocence is paramount in court because of 9 cases he says we sees, up to a third are thereon out. >> hundreds of court employees waking picket lips again today. >> this has been causing a headache for a lot of people trying to do every day court business and today is theth day of the strike. the trickers vowing to continue walking the pick account line
5:37 am
until they get an agreement reached on raises. officials say they cannot afford what the workers are demanding and the union accuse the county of spending teach on the new court husband. >> spending all of the money they could have build something like the hall of justice where ofs is are public, and it does not need to be fancy just something that was built that would not waste all the taxpayers' money. >> if you have court business, officials are recommending that you still go to court. they are trying to accommodate as many as possible. >> more bad poll news for donald trump. a survey found that donald trump is trailing hillary clinton by 12 points among registered voters. an lifteds say the results reflect the fall intermediate from his feud with the gold star family and republican leaders. yesterday, in detroit, he tried to get back on track with a speech on economic policy. >> i am proposing an across-the-board income tax reduction especially for middle
5:38 am
income americans, and this lead to millions of new and really good-paying jobs. >> hillary clinton's campaign said she is looking forward to participating in all these presidential debates and donald trump has raised questions of the debate schedule complaining th some of people are on on the of nfl games. >> a group conservatives can not stomach the in the of donald trump as the presidential candidate, and are trying to do something. they called the g.o.p. accountability roth and they are now circulating a petition calling for the republican republican to hold a special meeting during which donald trump could be replaced as nominee, but the officials admit it is a are long shot. >> supervisor is landing to introduce a resolution to make it abound aptly clear that the city and county of san francisco are not going to put the bill for the sink luxury high-rise. the tower on mission and fremont, home to the most wealthy and movie famous
5:39 am
tenants, has sunk more than 1' since being completed in situate situate and now, the struggles are not over. an engineer hired by the home owners association said that over time, the tower will most likely sink an additional 8-15" unless steps are taken to stop it. >> coming up on 5:39 and we will look at sfo, cloud covers, delays, and yesterday there were 37 minutes forkedly and we will know how much that is in 20 minutes. temperatures are 52 in pacifica. and woodside and 53 in menlo park to san bruno at 58. upper 50s on the east bay shore and mid-to-upper 50s inland until antioch at 63 and mill valley is 51 and santa rosa is 52. today, temperatures are close to average with a summer spread from 63 at half moon bay, and 92
5:40 am
in antioch, tomorrow, a cooling trend at the coast and why change good thing on thursday, we will on friday and saturday with warmer weather for the weekend coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> ace train this morning, train one, last dock 37 minutes late because of an early mechanical issue, and i am looking at train when right now between tracy and vasco, supposed to get to vasco at 5:20 but it will not make it until 5:55 and lynch at can am, so 35-minute delay, and making out -- making up a point or two. this is just a problem with train one. driving out of central valley, 200 to baby 580 we have typical delays through the pass and last time it was 32 miles per hour and now ewing the speed indication toll, it is at 14 miles per hour. obviously, that filling in and low down as the bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights
5:41 am
are on at 5:32. drive time coming up in a few minutes. aif you are cynical you could call this a case of carl ma, unexpected twist after a suspected arsonist in kentucky tried to set a building on fire. asan francisco bicyclists are taking matter interests their own hands, and a message they own hands, and a message they
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. highway one, north of big sur, closed in both directions because of the soberanes fire 16 miles of boat lanes shut down until 6:00 a.m. the fire jumped fire lanes near big sur over the weekend, cal fire is worried it will bring the winds to the highway. 60,000 acres have been burned. filed wire spread to 6,300 forcing hundreds of over evacuation as start on sunday afternoon. it now is only 6% contained. right now, 375 homes are under mandatory evacuation orders. another 5,000 homes are under voluntary advisories. this morning, antiwar advocates gather in level for the annual rally to commemorate the atomic bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki. 71 years ago today the united
5:44 am
states drops a bomb were on the japanese city, and three days after the first bomb hit hiroshima and then japan sued for peace to end world war ii. this is the ceremony last year in knack saga representing the only use of nuclear weapons in history. >> today, the 18-year-old man charged with killing an american tourist and the attempted murder of five others is going to appear in london court. the stabbing attack happened on wednesday, describes at the quiet longer with possible mental health issues is not believed connected with any terrorist group. the 64-year-old darlene horton was sifting london with her husband. atwo years ago is when michael brown was shot can killed in ferguson, missouri, and there will an moment of silence. in 2014 the unarm 18-year-old was kill during a confrontation with police officer wilson. wind was stopped on suspicion of shoplifting laid in the street
5:45 am
for four hours, his death touch afternoon weeks of unrest and gave rise to a renewed national discussion on race. >> the next story is video you have to see to believe a man trying to burn down a barber shop in kentucky caught himself on fire in the process. jessica has this caught on camera moment. >> the man's plan backfireed. look: in kentucky you can see surveillance video shows the man getting out of the white minivan and he is putting down something. then it catches fire. police say that the man threw a few molotov cocktails but he missed and the liquid splashed back. he runs off, loses a show and after the experience the arson suspect did not step this, he grabbed another bottle of fuel and priored it out by shop, and he and a woman leave in the white minivan and the video is going viral this morning and
5:46 am
people are still searching for the pair in the newsroom for abe 7. >> crazy determination. now, meteorologist mike nicco has the weather. i am hoping for more beautiful today. >> me, too i enjoyed yesterday. you can see where i am supposed to be sitting or standing. longer to get on the roof. i said hello to the cruise ship and picked up a bite for breakfast. the winds are from the west at 14 miles per hour and not expecting much in the way of fog, but, maybe around 7:00 or 9:00 it could drop down. a last sunshine today, and 35 degrees from the cost inland and seasonal lows and the clouds will return to the same neighborhoods tonight, and a bump up for friday and saturday but nothing too extreme. the winds could be extreme from
5:47 am
3:00 to 10:00 like yesterday, and same areas north of the bay bridge through the delta, choppy if you head out on the water this afternoon through the evening hours. we will talk temperatures, low-to-mid 80s for most of the south bay, milpitas and sunnyvale and cupertino, and santa cruz mid-to-upper 70s, and pretty much a mainstay on the peninsula, until you get to milbrae at 71, and low-to-mid 60s, and the sunshine you had at 9 coast late in the afternoon, same thing happens today, and nearly 70 in downtown, and south san francisco, and here is the hourly planner, we will get to 70s around 3:00, and temperature at lunch is 61 if you are headed out this evening it will drop to 61 at 8:00. take a coat. holding through the north by we are in the money 80s along the shore a lot mid-to-upper 70s and inland, upper 80s to low 90 for most neighborhoods. my seven-day forecast shows a slight cooling trend tomorrow. some of you will not notice it, or the two degrees we had thursday but warmer weather on friday, saturday, and sunday.
5:48 am
>> we have a new problem for san jose putting a map together we have a motorcyclist down on the overramp from stevens creek to northbound 80 in south bay. a vehicle stopped behind the motorcycle rider, and authorities are not sure if we are listening to the scanners in the vehicle was involved in the make going down or in they are just blocking traffic until emergency crews get there but it is sounding very serious. we have part of the on-ramp block but that salt information i have. if you are checking in we have a delay on ace train, a train was 37 minutes late leaving stockton, because of an early mechanical issue. they made it a couple minutes at 35 minutes late, and heavy delays in the bay bridge toll plaza, with early debris in the far right lane, and they were able to get that moved to the side. we have the metering lights on for 15 minutes this morning.
5:49 am
another update on san jose incident in 10 minutes. >> a woman claim she was run over by an electric car at at&t park at beyonce concert and point the fingers at the giants in 2014. jay-z and beyonce were headlining the tour and the woman claims she was meed down by a staffer zipping around in an electric cart and has serious injuries in the crash and now is holding the venue and the giants responsible. her lawsuit chills that san francisco giants enter surprises is responsible for operating the ballpark during non-baseball events, and should have been more careful. >> twitter is a lot like many of us, struggling to ice in it in the city, and it is looking for roommates to share the rent. business times reports the company is offering 183,000 square feet of office space nearly a third of the headquarters. twitter owner two adjacent buildings and look to sublease
5:50 am
as a way too cut costs. they have been struggling financially for nearly a year. last week, it announced a second quarter loss of $107 million. >> lyft has a new feature, the san francisco based app is letting you plug in an extra stop before the final destination. that starts this week, and before the flow feature you had to tell your driver if you whenned it stop elsewhere, but according to the company hundreds of thousands change their defendant nation each month. >> new at 6:00, cutting out coffee. lawmakers in a state want to ban drinking a cup of joe while behind the wheel. >> burglary on the loose in sacramento area and a tool that sacramento area and a tool that police say this crack uses to
5:51 am
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the app on the go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> you could know about coyotes in san francisco, but one likes to play lick a dog. this video was posted of a coyote that likes to play with a ball. it is running back-and-forth. we have to caution do not let this playful behavior fool you they can be dangerous to pets. this area, supervisors call for a meeting to address the growing coyote population. >> never seen anything like that. or this. a surveillance video caught an odd burglary suspect in the act. he is using a sombrero to carry stolen items. the photos take friend a home near sacramento show the suspect has a trend working with him,
5:54 am
the residented posted the photo. >> i feel uncomfortable. we have been casual as far as closing our garage doors. >> that is making it way too easy for the suspect, he is just going up to cars that are open. and stealing the stuff right there. >> doesn't even to smash and grab. >> crazy. >> now, a's off to and 66 under sunshine with the game with the baltimore orioles. grab the hoodie. around the state, it will be hazy in millbrae south because of the soberanes first and it could reach fresno at 96, breezy in lake tahoe at 76. palm springs is 104. and the storm moves through cabo yesterday, dutch be 2-4" of rain and maybe up to 8" in some of the baja. >> i will take you to san jose.
5:55 am
not many more new details but we potentially have a make down on the on-ramp to northbound 280. we are having a little bit of trouble see exactly where this is as the emergency response is trying to find him. they have been checking a new of the ranches in the area. i believe this is where we have a lane of ramp blocked. hopefully we will have more accurate information in a few. southbound 680, highway 4 to walnut creek, six minutes, looking okay, wreck 24, walnut creek to highway 13. and in the green at nine minutes, not so great out of the central valley, and tracy to dublin, is 46 minutes. we have some delays. another update in a few minutes. >> san francisco bicyclists are taking marries into their own hands when it comes to safety. the group that is san francisco transformation agency said that the city is future doing enough to protect them on the rides.
5:56 am
the organization is named at the m.t.a. with a mission to create more awareness of bicycle lanes and the need for barriers to separate the bicycles and cars, and saying two bicyclist fatalityies this summer the last straw for them, and they are deciding to put the orange cones, now, along the bicycle lanes. >> i had no idea who does it but now that i do...i am thrilled to know there are people who are look out for the rest of us. >> a spokesman said that the city needs to do more and said that since 2010 san francisco has installed 27 miles of bicycle lanes. >> california will decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana and new data is showing a major cultural shift on smoking. the number of ability whose smoke weed has doubled in three years, according to a new poll. 13% of adults smoke. 43% say they have tried it. a third of those who use it
5:57 am
regularly report signs of addiction. >> we talk about keeping your furry friend healthy next, michael finney has what you need to know before you buy pet insurance. >> thieves are targeting an electronic shop in california in a tourist destination. >> and you could be waiting for google
5:58 am
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> smash is grab, a popular shop for tourist at fisherman's wharf targeted overnight. >> more trouble if you fly, delays delta passengers could space a day after a major outage impacted flights an the world. >> good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> we have a lot going on and
6:00 am
meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, on the roof, the clouds are getting thicker. they are dropping mist but it is having a hard time and no measurable rain showing up. clouds mooring in to san jose and partly cloudy, in mid-to-upper 50s and 60s and 70s at anyone. 60s and 70s and 80s at 4:00. how is the commute? >> our biggest issue is going to be ace train one. that is 35 americans late this morning. it last stockton and on way toism. maybe made up a couple of minutes at 37 minutes behind schedule. a mechanical issue on a bridge and it is fixed, whatever it is, because now it is only 35 minutes late. train they have on time. >> we will look at our traffic cameras coming up in 10 minutes. >> all lanes of northbound 880 and her hard are back open after this


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